Lucent Redoubt

Part 2 of Not Alone

I suppose it’s time to explain.

Lucent Redoubt is one of the two outlying fortifications supporting Bastion in its ill-fated vigil over Eden; the other being its sister fort, Vespertine Redoubt, which didn’t see much action during the Nephilim invasion and, as far as I know, still serves the troops of the Faneguard.

In the early days of the war, War and I were holed up in there for three days, alone, as victims of a plan gone awry. Death and Fury were supposed to taunt and harass Absalom’s main force into committing to open battle in the area between Bastion and the Redoubt, where they would become surrounded from all sides: Abbadon and the main body of the angelic army pouring out of Bastion, Barachiel leading a smaller host as bait, Death and Fury in pursuit, and War and me as the element of surprise.

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Part 1 of Not Alone

“If we don’t find a way forward soon,” War growls, destroying the last of the partition walls in an almost casual manner, “I’m going to—”

“Blow a gasket?”


Sitting atop a pillar that has somehow survived his frustration—for now—I gaze absently at the expanse of the labyrinth around us. It’s a strange pocket in the Void, both like and unlike the sanctuary Vulgrim has carved out for himself and his guests. This one seems to stretch on forever, and it looks the same in every direction: an endless succession of floating islands, their hexagonal tiles extending vertically to form the walls and pathways of an insanely complicated and, from what we’ve seen so far, completely vacant and pointless maze.

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Darksiders, my new obsession

I am here today to divulge, in gratuitous detail, my unexpected obsession with Darksiders. Although I’ve known of this franchise a long while, and even sought out soundtracks and the like in the past, it has only been now, with Darksiders Genesis, that I found myself attracted to the setting and the characters, thanks to the amazing bromance between the protagonists, War and Strife, who can be played together in coop multiplayer.

Warning: spoilers abound.

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This is an archive of the fanfiction I wrote for Darksiders, Mass Effect and The Elder Scrolls. Most of my works you can also find on AO3 and FanFictionNet.

This is also a complete archive of Mass Effect fanfiction written by Misfire Anon, my dear friend and collaborator, who recently gave me the green light to host all their stories.

The rating scheme is adopted from FictionRatings. Stories rated MA will have content notes on their respective pages.

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