A pencil drawing of Death πŸ’™

While not quite the illustration for, this was definitely inspired by a scene from Fury’s Embrace, the story I’m currently working on.  It’ll be the second of a series, following Death’s Blessing.

But then he found this cemetery and cleared every piece of angel, demon and undead filth in a one-mile radius around it, to be at peace while his creepy-ass ghouls dug a hole in the ground. Like for a coffin. He sat at the edge of that hole, staring in it, for a day and a night, as still as the headstones around him. I swear, if I didn’t interrupt him, he’d still be sitting there. Perhaps he’d eventually turn to stone.

I did a piano cover of the Darksiders: Genesis Main Theme

The original soundtrack for this fabulous game that changed my life was composed by Gareth Coker. I already wrote about the Main Theme at length before, and in this piece, arranged for the piano, you can hear all the elements/motifs mentioned in that analysis and a few more! Performed on my Yamaha PSR E373 61-key keyboard, recorded & mixed using Cakewalk. 🎢