Today I found something strange and disturbing scribbled in the back of a notebook. Strictly speaking, it’s TES fanfiction, but writing TES fanfiction was the last thing on my mind when I penned it down, and it’s not how I see it now. I see it as a tribute. Unworthy of the deceased as it may be, it was wrought from sorrow and regret, and the ink on the pages was smeared with tears. The least I can do now, is read it aloud so that those who care, may hear.

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Milk and Blood

Warnings: bodily fluids, body horror, main character death.

Actors: myself, Friend, [Friend’s] Mother, Old Man.

Image: CuriousCanvas @ deviantArt

I’m at Friend’s. She and Mother are getting ready to go to the inauguration of our new President. They are dressing up like barbies. Mother has a diadem and looks like Queen Elisabeth. Friend looks amazing in the first dress she picks: a long white gown with many thin layers that makes her look like a fairy.

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Mass Effect: Introduction

I wrote up an introduction to the setting of Mass Effect for people who have not played the games, but still wish to read my fanfiction. It’s riddled with links and pictures, which is by no means a guarantee that it’s not boring and even less, that it fulfills its purpose well. So I invite everyone who reads to help me improve it. Thanks, and have fun!