Mass Effect: Introduction

I wrote up an introduction to the setting of Mass Effect for people who have not played the games, but still wish to read my fanfiction. It’s riddled with links and pictures, which is by no means a guarantee that it’s not boring and even less, that it fulfills its purpose well. So I invite everyone who reads to help me improve it. Thanks, and have fun!

I Like the Way Mass Effect Ends

There has been a huge shit-storm in Mass Effect fandom over the way ME 3 ended. I can’t say I’ve been on the forefront of these… discussions, but some of my friends have been affected by the depression and have kept me informed on the hopes and fears boiling within the community. Like I said elsewhere, I think the particular ending(s) have little to do with the high emotions; I think the fans are mourning the passing of the entire series.

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Postpartum Depression

Smehur gave birth to Ghost in the Machine which quickly turned out to be a child with special needs. And while Smehur loves its offspring very much, for Smehur has wanted to tell this story since day one, Smehur is starting to feel the weight of its own numerous inadequacies.

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