First Round of Fics

The not-as-trivial-as-you’d-expect task of pulling together my various fanfics begins with some of the oldest, and some of the newest:

Ghost in the Machine – my nanowrimo 2011 novel that is being posted weekly on FFN, and beginning with this weekend, here as well. This is a Mass Effect AU that retells the events of the first game under the assumption that Nihlus Kryik, the original Spectre of ME, didn’t die on Eden Prime.

A Hidden Place – one of my favorite works. Nihlus would like to know more about his secretive mentor. But asking Saren personal questions simply doesn’t cut it.

The Candidate – probably my best. Nihlus is near the end of his training with Saren when they are sent to evaluate potential Spectre candidates. Garrus is one of them and he is determined to leave an impression despite his father’s wishes. A sharp-edged triangle forms and cuts deep. Rated M[ature] for hot slash and serious heart-breaking potential.

The Black Khajiit – an Elder Scrolls fable written for Temple Zero in 2009. Damn, that makes me feel old.

Jauffre’s Testimony – one of my zillion interconnected, half-baked, Elder Scrolls fics, possibly dating back to 2007 or 2008. Jauffre speaks to Martin about his reluctance to search for the Heir before hearing the Emperor’s last words.

Well. That’s all for now, folks.

Jauffre’s Testimony

It was the year before the Imperial Simulacrum; 3E 388. I was but a lad of fifteen, presented to the court life only months before; but I was to the Emperor’s liking, and he enjoyed having me around his own sons. Prince Gelldal was eleven, prince Enman ten, and prince Ebel eight. We were quick to become friends, and my “official duty” was to make sure the young princes were up to no mischief.

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The Black Khajiit

Count the phases thus: the Big Moon wanes, then the Small Moon wanes, until there’s nothing but blackness. That’s when Suthay is born: in the blind of the night, when it’s good to hide. Perhaps that is why Footpad decided to put the key to all doors inside Suthay after he stole it from the Night Mistress. He told the Clans to keep it a secret and for many phases, we did. In the end, it got away on a whisper, or a fleeting scent. It flew with the night wind and entered the ear of our enemy.

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This is an archive of the fanfiction I wrote for Mass Effect and The Elder Scrolls. Most of my Mass Effect works you can also find on AO3 and FanFiction.

This is also a complete archive of Mass Effect fanfiction written by Misfire Anon, my dear friend and collaborator, who recently gave me the green light to host all their stories.

The rating scheme is adopted from FictionRatings and is also used on FanFiction. Stories rated MA will have content notes on their respective pages.

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