Inverse Riddles

The rules of proper conduct vary across land and epoch, but some basics are essential to learn in order to avoid embarrassment at best, exile or death at worst. When you are introduced to a sorcerer, do not put out your hand in greeting, as an eagerness to make physical contact is associated with treachery by magic or poison. Cross your arms over your chest instead and make a courteous bow, but not too deep; do keep an eye contact at all times. Do not attempt to engage the sorcerer in a discussion of magic, as an eagerness to learn or argue is taken as a sign of ignorance or lack of decorum. Instead, challenge the sorcerer with a witty inverse riddle, but be careful not to let him win out of politeness. In fact, if he fails to guess the riddle you have given him the answer to, which of course only happens in exceedingly rare occasions, you will have earned a measure of respect.

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