My art!

❤️ War & Strife 💜

Inspired by the iconic Brotherhood by JoJoesArt and made with all my love.

Watcher Homage

For Watcher-friend. 💙

Commissions, gifts and fanart
for my stories

♥ War and Strife await the arrival of the other two Horsemen. ♥ A commission from the fabulous Erisiar!
♥ War and Strife in love! ♥ A commission from the marvelous Etricronald.


Bubble Nebula. Credit & Copyright: Russell Croman.

I do my best to credit the artists and leave links to their work, but it’s a big site and I haven’t always been as careful about this as I should have been. If you see your art used here in a way you don’t approve of, please accept my apology and let me know how I should deal with it.