Hunger, Heat and Hallucinations

Yay, I finished another fic for Baldur’s Gate 3! This one’s a direct sequel to A Godsdamn Kraken and the first featuring Astarion’s POV.

In a verse where Tav and Astarion met prior to the events of the game, had a wild adventure together and ended up kissing in a dark street corner, they now meet again in early Act 1, each carrying his own load of troubles and secrets.

Read it here or on AO3.

Books of 2023, part 2

If my Goodreads summary is to be believed, I managed to read 53 books by the end of 2023. I don’t think that’s exactly right, but it might not be very wrong either. Some of these “books” were novellas that felt more like really long short stories. Others were actual short stories that are, for the lack of a better alternative, also labeled as “books”. If five substantial short stories or two novellas make a “book”, then the honest count would be 45. But, this year I read dozens of short stories that are not on Goodreads at all; also, I read some (gasp!) book-length fanfiction. So I’m good with “around 50”. It’s still twice as many as usual.

Let’s dive in!

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