This is an archive of the fanfiction I wrote for Mass Effect and The Elder Scrolls. Most of my Mass Effect works you can also find on AO3 and FanFiction.

This is also a complete archive of Mass Effect fanfiction written by Misfire Anon, my dear friend and collaborator, who recently gave me the green light to host all their stories.

The rating scheme is adopted from FictionRatings and is also used on FanFiction. Stories rated MA will have content notes on their respective pages.

Mass Effect Fanfiction

Saren & Nihlus Stuff

Saren/Nihlus Timeline


Saren and Nihlus first met when they much younger. A light-hearted tale outside the main Saren/Nihlus verse.

Rated: T — Friendship/Family — Words: 2,437


Young Saren reaches an important milestone in his biotics training, but at what cost?

Rated: T — Drabble — Words: 645

Thinker Traitor Soldier Spectre

The tale of how Saren and Nihlus first met and became friends.

Rated: T — Adventure/Friendship — Chapters: 25 — Words: c.a. 90000

Can’t Stop Laughing

Of course Saren is perfectly capable of laughing. Only Nihlus hasn’t found the right kind of jokes yet.

Rated: T — Friendship/Humor — Words: 1471

A Hidden Place

Nihlus would like to know more about his secretive mentor. But asking Saren personal questions simply doesn’t cut it.

Rated: T — Friendship/Romance — Words: 3926 — Art by Misfire Anon

I’m Watching You

When Saren set up the hidden cameras, he knew there would be things he didn’t want to see. Like Nihlus drinking on duty, or hiding drugs on the ship, or taking out dirty clothes from the washer and wearing them. But he wasn’t expecting… this.

Rated: M — Friendship/Romance — Words: 5091

Unnerved and Unnerving

Two very different turians living together on a claustrophobic ship for a year. Something’s gotta give.

Rated: T — Friendship/Romance — Words: 2271

Sound of Silence

Saren comes to terms with his feelings for Nihlus. Or does he? Set between “Unnerved and Unnerving” and “The Candidate”.

Rated: T — Friendship/Romance — Words: 5619

The Candidate

Nihlus is near the end of his training with Saren when they are sent to evaluate potential Spectre candidates. Garrus is one of them and he is determined to leave an impression despite his father’s wishes. A sharp-edged triangle forms and cuts deep.

Rated: M — Romance/Drama — Chapters: 8 — Words: 12145 — Art by a
Kink Meme anon

Conference Transcript 159

Just the thing for Saren to review during a long FTL flight.

Rating: MA — Fluff/Slash — Words: 2281 — Art by HeavenlyEros


Saren allows Nihlus to explore his jewelry box and an obscure corner of his internal world.

Rating: T — Slice of Life/Fluff — Words: 3008 — Art by Sixtus66


Nihlus attempts to dispel some of the common misconceptions about turians during a very personal interview for a famous human reporter.

Rating: T — FailSex — Words: 4536


Upon Saren’s insisting, Nihlus marks him for life.

Rating: T — Romance — Words: 2989 — Art by HeavenlyEros


Saren comes to terms with what happened in “Color”.

Rating: T — Romance — Words: 1658


Nihlus comes to terms with what happened in “Color” and “Scars”.

Rating: T — Romance — Words: 4606

Signal to Noise

Saren and Nihlus meet a year after the events in “Color” and “Scars”. A homage to a beautiful painting, an enduring friendship, and a tragic love.

Rated: T — Romance — Words: 4010 — Art by Anjian


Garrus makes a disturbing discovery while sifting through data recovered from Saren’s base on Virmire.

Rated: MA — Accidental Voyeurism/Light BDSM/Slash — Words: 5377

About Art

Saren and Nihlus in pursuit of a stolen piece of art.

Rated: T — Drabble — Words: 389

After Hours

Saren and Nihlus have been friends and long-distance lovers for a long time, but it’s a troubled relationship, burdened with issues of commitment and trust. When a seemingly light-hearted incident triggers a fierce emotional response, passion spirals out of control.

Rated: MA — Dark/BDSM/Dubious Consent/Slash — Words: 7223

The Precedent

Two years before Eden Prime, Saren enlists Nihlus’s help to get an old friend out of some serious trouble. But it’s only the tip of the iceberg. How far will he go to ensure the success and secrecy of his misguided quest?

Rated: M — Dark/Drama/Dubious Consent — Chapters: 10 — Words: 27468


Saren and Nihlus meet for the first time after Saren’s arm has been replaced by a geth prosthetic.

Rated: T — Hurt-Comfort/Fluff — Words: 1222 — Art by Sixtus66

Ghost in the Machine (WIP)

What if Nihlus didn’t die on Eden Prime? This is an AU retelling of Mass Effect where the fateful meeting with Saren plays out differently, changing everything.

Rated: M — Adventure/Drama/Slash — Chapters: 38 — Words: 101854 — Art by Misfire Anon

Let’s Keep Going

Saren and Nihlus were friends and lovers before the War… and still are, decades after it. Inspired by a beautiful work of art and dedicated to its creator.

Rated: T — Growing Old Together — Words: 1185 — Art by Sixtus66

Garrus & Shepard Stuff

Garrus/Shepard Timeline

Fruit from Palaven

Garrus faces the reality of serving on a human ship when Shepard surprises him with an invaluable gift.

Rated: T — Friendship/Romance — Words: 3348

A Game of Cards

Garrus and assorted crew talk about cross-species intercourse over a game of cards.

Rated: T — Friendship/Romance — Words: 3252


Before sparing Sidonis, Garrus has been too bent on revenge to mourn his fallen comrades.

Rated: T — Friendship/Romance — Words: 945 — Art by Infiltrait0r-N7

The Suicide Mission

I always wanted to know what the other fire team was doing during the attack on the Collector Base at the end of Mass Effect 2. This is a nine-chapter retelling of the suicide mission, from Garrus’s point of view.

Rated: T — Adventure/Romance — Chapters: 9 — Words: 16811

Inappropriate Thoughts

Garrus and (female) Shepard talk about battlefield fantasies.

Rated: MA — Het — Words: 2915

Morning After

Garrus wakes up after his first night with (male) Shepard.

Rated: MA — Slash — Words: 1534

Misfire Anon Stuff

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Meta Stuff

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