Status Update

A tough ask. I’m only checking in because I feel bad for leaving this site neglected for two months. This has been a strange period. Although I’m constantly doing stuff — writing and drawing — I feel like I’m getting nowhere, and I’ve nothing to show for all the hours sank into my hobbies.

I would love to blame this on Real Life Shit, but I can’t. Real Life has been equally slow and unremarkable.

The true culprit is Baldur’s Gate 3, which I still play daily, and which still occupies my mind pretty much 24/7. Unlike my other fandom experiences (I’m looking at you, dear Darksiders), BG3 seems to be… well… not so good for me?

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Devoured by Baldur’s Gate 3

What it says on the label, darlings. I picked up BG3 in the first week of September and haven’t been able to drop it for more than a couple hours at a time since. It so happened that I was kind of bed-ridden in this period due to trivial but annoying illness, allowing me unprecedented levels of unchecked obsessing. And here I am, at last, to tell you all about it. (The obsession, not the actual game. Shocking, I know.)

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Writing for Duck Prints Press!

Back in June, I submitted a story proposal for the Many Hands anthology of polyamorous erotica by Duck Prints Press. I’m a bit late to report that the proposal has been accepted, and I’ve been working on the story every day since!

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Under Her Wing: submitted for publishing!

Almost six years after winning NaNo 2017 with the draft of the novel Under Her Wing, the first work of original fiction I completed since my teens, I finally finished rewriting it, and submitted it to a publisher. And not just any publisher! OFIC magazine specializes in publishing original fiction written by fanfiction writers. It’s a perfect match, but more importantly, it means they’re my tribe, and that made both the decision and the process so much easier than it would’ve been otherwise.

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Darksiders Verse Series: Introduction

I decided to write down, “tell, not show”, outright spell out, my Darksiders Verse in a series of posts. By “Verse” I mean my reading of canon mixed with outright headcanon (HC). Some might argue that “my reading of canon” is HC, but I disagree. Canon can be controversial, and Darksiders canon in particular was put together with less care for consistency and continuity than it could’ve been, so diverse readings of same content are sometimes possible (and I often favor those less literal, obvious and consequently, less popular). If I called this “Darksiders HC Series” I would be conceding points in the discourse that I have no reason (nor wish) to concede. So Verse it is.

Anyway, it’s lately become something of a guilty pleasure of mine to write long posts about why I want to write other long posts instead of writing those long posts I actually want to write — and this is one of them! There will be no Verse here: just all my thoughts and feelings about the act of spelling it out.

Tl;dr: I want to write it down because I no longer care enough to “save it” for rendering through stories; and also because I fear I might forget it.

Which isn’t to say I won’t be writing any more Darksiders stories. At the very least, I plan to finish the Legendary Series, but I may do more eventually. I’m still interested in this franchise (which is more than I could say about Mass Effect, nowadays) — just not as much as before.

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