Apparently, I’m into Harry Potter (and Draco Malfoy) now

I’m months late, announcing this shocking new development. It started quite a while ago, perhaps as early as in March, though I only realized the extent of the obsession in May. A bit of a strange story, the whole thing, and I’m about to tell it in all the juicy detail.

With all my previous fandoms, the route was: 1) watch or play or read; 2) daydream; 3) write; 4) reluctantly engage with the community, mostly with the goal to advertise my creations. With Harry Potter, it was all backwards. First, I started reading fanfiction, then daydreaming, and watching, reading and playing came almost as an afterthought.

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Phalar Aluve

A new story in my Baldur’s Gate 3 series!

“Let me see,” Astarion says.

Still hazy, Tav reluctantly offers the grip of the magical sword.

“No, not that. Your hand, my dear. And the absolute butchery you made of it with that butter-knife of yours.”

Or, Tav makes a blood sacrifice to the goddess of the dancing lights, and Astarion refuses to let it go to waste.

Read the story here, or on AO3. Hope you’ll enjoy!

On Books and Reading

The fourth in my series of Baldur’s Gate 3 stories about Astarion and my golden boy, Talven Vrinn, On Books and Reading uses the discovery of the Necromancy of Thay to touch on questions of authority, manipulation and disability.

“I’m sorry,” Astarion says, wiping his eyes. “It must be terrible—” he bursts in laughter again, but it’s tinged with hysteria and sounds on the edge of turning to sobs. He covers his face, drawing a deep breath. “Ugh. I need a moment.”

Having given him the most truthful account of himself so far, Tav feels both giddy and exposed. Astarion’s laughter doesn’t bother him. It seems born of surprise and the absurdity of the situation, not mockery. But Tav is altogether too deeply invested in the hope that Astarion will agree to his ridiculous, haphazard proposal, to join in the cheer. Because, of course it was an excuse, even if he’d had no inkling that he’d use it, or that he needed one. The truth is, if he could, he’d spend every moment of his time trailing Astarion like a shadow.

Read the whole story here, or on AO3.

First Bite

The third in my series of Baldur’s Gate 3 stories, First Bite is a retelling of a favorite scene with a unique twist.

“For goodness sake.” Sitting up, Astarion sways wildly. “You sound even more intoxicated than I feel. Here.” He produces a kerchief from his sleeve. “Press this to the wound.”

“Can’t. Too weak.”

“Oh, for the love of…”

Tav can barely feel the pressure, and no pain whatsoever. Sleep beckons.

“A-a-a.” Astarion slaps his cheek. “Don’t you dare go unconscious. If you die, the others will come at me with torches and pitchforks.”

“Tell them I asked for it.” Tav grins. “They’ll believe every perversion, coming from a drow.”

“And would they be wrong, my dear?”

“Not about this drow, no.”

Read the whole thing here, or on AO3!