About Art

“Can’t you just enjoy it for what it is? Why do you have to analyze everything to death?”

“The only question here is how you can claim to appreciate something if you don’t understand it.”

“It’s art. You’re not supposed to understand it. You’re supposed to feel something about it.”

“What feelings could I possibly have when I don’t even know what it is, let alone what it means?”

“If you would just relax for a minute, let your mind drift off, and listen to your heart instead, you’d see the meaning.”

Saren takes the challenge and stares at the contorted sculpture for a good couple of minutes.

“My heart rate hasn’t changed. And I still don’t see the meaning.”

Nihlus rolls his eyes in despair.

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Dead Hearts III

Chapter 36 of Ghost in the Machine

It was dark inside the cabin. Dark and stuffy. When had he last been in here? Garrus couldn’t remember. The emergency lights from the corridor were just about strong enough to paint the vague outlines of the spartan furnishing, a fuzzy stain on the metal floor the only reflection. Nothing to see anyway. A crew cabin like any other. Well. It was still new. You could tell from the sharp edges of the bed frames and the lingering smell of paint. It wasn’t enough to drown out the reek of alcohol, though. It alerted him to the other’s presence even before he sensed movement on the cot to the right.

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Dead Hearts II

Chapter 35 of Ghost in the Machine

Everyone seemed reluctant to leave the Comm Room. Everyone except Wrex, who was already out the door. The humans dragged their feet, looked from Shepard to Nihlus and back, and exchanged uncertain glances as if they weren’t sure if the meeting was over. They weren’t the only ones suffering from the impression that it wasn’t. Tali stood next to the door, just outside the range of the proximity sensors, bending her fingers in uncomfortable ways and unmistakably staring at Garrus. But Garrus wasn’t looking back; he was saying something to Shepard, something quiet and secret-like, whispering right into her soft, meaty ear in a way that made wisps of her hair dance in his breath. Shepard wasn’t listening. She was focused on Liara with a strange expression of red-alert wariness coupled with motherly concern. But Liara wasn’t aware of it; she was looking at Nihlus expectantly, pleadingly, just about ready to fall in his arms and open the deep, dark well of her soul to him again. For real, this time, her eyes were saying. Swim, and perhaps drown together in the warm, weightless void.

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Dead Hearts I

Chapter 34 of Ghost in the Machine

Tali cursed aloud, then remembered where she was and quickly glanced left and right. Phew. Nobody within earshot. There were more people in the hangar than usual, but they all seemed preoccupied. Ashley and Crewman Harriswere sparring just outside Wrex’s cubicle. Wrex was in; he was cleaning his weapons and humming some horribly dissonant tune. He looked up from time to time, prompted by grunts and profanities issuing from the combatants. On the other side, near the drawbridge, Donnelly and Kaidan were leaning over the microfacturing unit, mostly just frowning and shrugging, and only occasionally erupting in short bursts of conversation.

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The Cipher

Chapter 33 of Ghost in the Machine

The message caught him on the way down to the lair; everybody stopped at the rude buzzing of his omni.

It was from Benezia. Perhaps the last message he’d ever get from her. He signaled Shiala to wait, and then lingered. As if the act of reading it had the power to sway the outcome of the inevitable encounter. Which way would it sway?

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