Inappropriate Thoughts


This story includes explicit depictions of sex between a male and a female character. It is intended for adult audiences only.

Garrus steals a glance at her as she fires the shot, and when the tactical overlay on his visor tells him she’s sniped another, he can’t help the sharp hiss of appreciation. “Perfect!”

They’re both wearing helmets so he can’t see if she grinned at that or not, but it is enough to imagine her lips curling just so, telling him that the way he’s looking at her, the way he’s yearning for her, never fails to turn her on.

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Morning After


This story includes explicit depictions of sex between two male characters. It is intended for adult audiences only.

When Garrus half-awakes to something soft, moving under his arm and cheek, the naked stomach of his Commander is not his first guess. But as he blinks into consciousness, he starts to remember. The hair is the first clue. It triggers strange, tickly sensations over the carapace on his face when he yawns, and he recalls that Shepard has that thing growing everywhere. He opens an eye and lets it graze lazily on the pale landscape of Shepard’s body. More memories surge forward, stirring something warm and deep inside him. He inches his head upstream until he catches the alien heartbeat, drumming into his healthy ear: a weird cut-time meter going ta-dam, ta-dam, ta-dam, ta-dam, and as the rhythm accelerates and the flat chest starts heaving with a growing amplitude, Garrus recalls the regular beat of their lovemaking. That does it. He lifts himself up on an elbow, finds that their legs are already conveniently entangled, and rolls his hips into Shepard’s thigh with a hot exhale.

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Two Steamy Mass Effect Fics

Nothing new, I’m afraid. Just some stories I never posted on this site because of adult content. They’ve both been on AO3 for a long time, though. The first is Inappropriate Thoughts, where Garrus and female Shepard from my other Garrus/Shepard stories share some indecent battlefield fantasies (and then go on to enact one). The other is Morning After, where Garrus and male Shepard wake up after their first night as lovers — my one and only story featuring male Shepard, written as a gift for Logsig.

Some, or even most of the people who read my Saren/Nihlus stories, may not even be aware that I used to write Garrus/Shepard at all, even though that stuff always got far more attention from fandom at large. Perhaps this belated advert will help someone discover stories they didn’t know about and hopefully make them happy.

Image: Garrus by Angua33

Fanart (!) for TTSS, and Pre-Nano Ramblings

My friend, HeavenlyEros, made this fabulous poster for TTSS! Eros also helped me create the cover for it, and performed many other feats of great art and friendship, some of which I mentioned before. The Mass Effect fandom is truly blessed to inspire such talented, devoted and kind creators — and so am I, to have such friends. ♥

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NaNo 2019 Musings

In the previous post, I announced that this year I would be doing a modified Nano thing, whereby I’d try to complete the rewrite of the Nano 2011 draft for my story Ghost in the Machine. Tl;dr: I did not “win” Nano and I did not finish Ghost. I did write almost every day of November and I did draft two new chapters. But I’m thoroughly uninspired to go on with it.

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