Last Seed 28, 3E 433

Part 1 of Last Days of the Third Era


The Imperial City – Emperor Uriel Septim VII was slain last night around midnight in the Imperial Palace. He was stabbed with a dagger through his back, receiving a mortal wound that the court healers could not heal despite all their efforts. The Imperial Guard has seized and executed the assassin on sight, but no information about the identity of the murderer has been released as of yet.

At apparently the same tame, the late Emperor’s three sons and heirs (Crown Prince Geldall, 56; Prince Enman, 55; Prince Ebel, 53) were also murdered while attending the Grand Harvest’s End Ball in the Greenhold Castle, Anvil County. Unofficial sources claim that the families of the deceased Princes have also been completely annihilated.

The Imperial Guard and the Legion have taken control of the central City districts as well as of the bridges, and are holding up and searching citizens, wagons and carriages. Although the Elder Council has not issued an official statement regarding the situation in the City, the sources inside the Palace assure us that the Council will institute martial law on the emergency session, which is expected to begin during the morning hours.


The Imperial City – The Imperial Battlemage and the High Chancellor of the Elder Council, His Eminence Ocato of Firsthold, has officially confirmed that the entire Imperial Family had been murdered during the previous night. “This is the greatest tragedy the Empire has witnessed during its long existence,” the Chancellor states and adds that those who are behind this unthinkable crime shall be dealt with swiftly and without mercy. “It is undoubtedly the work of a single organization,” the Chancellor reveals, “and all the resources of the Empire will be devoted to finding and punishing them.”


The Imperial City – The officials of the Legion confirmed that the borders of Cyrodiil had been closed and will remain so until further notice. The main ports in Leyawiin and Anvil will be operating at minimal capacity under strict supervision by the Legion and the local authorities. The traffic through the Imperial City bridges and docks is still closely monitored, with waiting times up to five hours. Citizens are advised to leave their homes only if necessary.


The Imperial City – Archmagister Traven of the Guild of Mages has stated that the execution of the Imperial Family is an unprecedented tragedy that will result in destabilization of the Empire. The Archmagister claims that the assassination of the Emperor, carried out in the confines of the Palace, paints a bad picture of the Imperial Guard and the state of security in the Imperial City. “This most terrible event will hopefully awake the law enforcement entities of the Empire to the need of fighting the practitioners of the dark arts,” warns the Archmagister, and adds that the Guild of Mages will commit any and all resources required by the Elder Council to the investigation of the terrible crimes.


The Imperial City – The Elder Council is still in session, but an authorized representative informed us that the notion to declare martial law had been unanimously accepted. The state of martial law is in effect as of this day, and citizens are warned that any suspicious activities may result in instantaneous arrest or execution. The citizens are expected to remain indoors for the duration of the immediate crisis and report all unusual persons, monsters and events to the guards.

Read the full report from the special session of the Elder Council in tomorrow’s morning edition of the Black Horse Currier!


The Imperial City – Hasphat Antabolis, the Master of the Fighters Guild and an acclaimed historian, stated in a brief interview that the tragic loss of the Imperial Family will set the Empire a century behind. “Believing that the forces behind the unrest of Sun’s Dawn 427 had been defeated was naïve,” Antabolis says. “Misrule and disorder must have delved deeper under the foundations of the Empire than we were willing to admit.”


The Imperial City – Danor Valodius, the Archbishop of the Temple of the One, appeals to all people of good will to contribute to the preservation of peace and order in the Empire. “I call upon all the citizens, of common and noble origin alike, imperial and independent organizations, temples, cults, guilds and factions to put aside their differences in this time of sorrow and confusion. May the One protect the Empire and her citizens from the evil that befell us all.”

The Holy Synod of the Temple of the One will pray that Emperor Uriel, his sons and their families, killed by the hands of the evil and the thrice cursed, ascend in their deaths as they were above us in their lives. “Emperor Uriel was more than a great ruler and a unifying force,” the High Priest says. “His Majesty was a devoted friend of the Temple, a sentiment His Majesty clearly showed by generously funding the building of the magnificent Temple in Latreia, which His Majesty will unfortunately not be able to see finished.”

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