Last Seed 29, 3E 433

Part 2 of Last Days of the Third Era


The Imperial City – After the urgent session assembled yesterday morning, which lasted until late hours, the Elder Council issued the following statement:

“By ancient precedent, the Elder Council shall rule the Empire as regent until a new Emperor is crowned. Since no direct heirs survive, and the Council cannot propose a list of candidates in such a short term, the discussion on the subject of succession is delayed until the next session of the Council in full assembly, which can be expected within the following fortnight.”

High Chancellor Ocato, the Imperial Battlemage, speaking for the Elder Council, presented an appeal to the Empire’s citizens for calm, and asked that the people remember the Emperor, his sons, and the Elder Council in their prayers:

“Emperor Uriel’s early reign was marked by peace and prosperity. The Empress Caula Voria bore him three healthy sons, was a loving companion to the Emperor, and a great favorite of the people. However, the emperor and the empire suffered terribly during the Imperial Simulacrum (3E 389-399), when he was held captive in Oblivion while the usurper Jagar Tharn assumed his appearance and ruled in his stead. After Emperor Uriel was finally restored and the impostor defeated, the affairs of the Empire were found to be in great disorder, and Empress Caula Voria, exhausted by her ordeal, withdrew from public life.

The latter years of the Emperor’s reign have seen a flourishing of Imperial influence in the provinces and an extension of high Imperial culture even into the remote parts of Morrowind, Elsweyr and Black Marsh.

The Emperor’s murder, and the murders of his family and heirs, is a terrible crime and a great tragedy for the Empire. However, all the resources of the Elder Council, the Legion, the Imperial Guard, the Arcane University, and the Imperial Battlemage College are being employed to bring the assassins to justice. In the meantime, the greatest tribute the citizens can offer to the memory of our beloved Emperor is to go earnestly and diligently about their daily affairs, honoring the life of the great Emperor we loved so much, and served so faithfully for so long.”

The Council has officially proclaimed that the entire Empire shall mourn the tragedy for three days. The funeral of the Imperial Family will be held in the Imperial City on the first of Hearth Fire.


Daggerfall, High Rock – His Royal Majesty King Gothryd of Daggerfall has stated that the murder of the Emperor and his heirs is a terrible blow to the whole Empire, and emphasized the necessity to fight the anti-imperial organizations with all the resources available. “We are experiencing this tragedy with singularly strong emotions here in Daggerfall, since Crown Prince Geldall, our Imperial cousin and a dear friend to us and the whole of Daggerfall, had been in our company merely a month prior to his most lamentable death,” said the King, who refused to comment on the possibility of claiming the Imperial Throne himself.

Wayrest, High Rock – Her Royal Majesty Queen Elysana of Wayrest has stated that she is shocked deeply and personally by the death of the Emperor and the Imperial Family. “Our father, His late Majesty King Eadwyre, was a loyal supporter and a close friend of Emperor Uriel Septim, who now rests between the wings of Akatosh.” The Queen adds that Wayrest shall respect and uphold this bond by making sure no enemies of the Empire are allowed to celebrate this tragedy.


Kvatch, Cyrodiil – His Highness, Haderus Goldwine, the Count of Kvatch, has stated that the deaths of the Emperor and his direct heirs will increase the existing tensions throughout the Empire. “It is obvious that the Empire, which was facing serious problems even before this tragedy, will be put to the test again. There is no doubt that the regional and interprovincial tensions will be on the rise without the unifying influence of stable rulership,” the Count said.


The Imperial City – There will be no movement or withdrawal of troops because of the assassinations, General Larrius Varro of the Imperial Legion states for the Black Horse Currier. “We are aware of the situation, and the Imperial troops will continue to do their duty in keeping peace and providing security for all citizens of the Empire.” The General denies the rumors about withdrawing the Legion from the province of Black Marsh, assuring the citizens that the Legion considers all provinces equally important.


The Imperial City – The Imperial Guard issued an official warning to all organs of public information that under the martial law and concerning the investigation of the murders of the Imperial Family their duty is to communicate only the official statements and announcements coming directly from the authorized representatives of the Imperial government. This regulation is one of the special measures that came into effect yesterday evening with the declaration of martial law.

“During the state of martial law, the utmost priority of the various individuals and institutions providing public information is to assure unhindered operation of the law enforcement agencies of the Empire with the goal of removing the reasons for its initial declaration. We remind all such individuals and institutions as well as all citizens and nobility that any deviation from this and other regulations during the state of martial law will be punishable by death without trial.”


The Imperial City – The Guilds of Traders, Carters and Ferrymen, Imperial City Merchants and the local administration of the Market District issued a joint announcement that the Great annual Fair, which was to take place on Middas, Last Seed 30, is cancelled due to the tragic deaths of the Imperial Family. The reception for the Guild leaders and nobility, organized by the Mayor of Waye, is also cancelled due to the circumstances.


Bruma, Cyrodiil – In an interview for the Bruma Oracle, Her Eminence, Narina Carvain, the Countess of Bruma, said that she had tried to discourage Lady Allena Benoch, the former head of the Emperor’s personal guard, in her intention to attend the funeral of the Imperial family. Lady Benoch, now 53, is in very frail health, and has been living under constant supervision in the Temple of Kynareth in the Jerall Mountains ever since the succession crisis of 427. We remind that the Lady was an important actor in the decisive incident of the crisis, when the angry mob attacked the Guard in front of the Imperial Palace with bare hands; acting under the orders of Lady Benoch, the Guard used weapons and magic against unarmed civilians. During this confrontation, the Lady received severe injuries she never fully recovered from. “I expect Allena’s return to the Imperial City will be controversial to say the least,” the Countess says. “I have expressed my concerns to her, and if she decides to attend the funeral, it will be by her personal choice. Any further effort on my part in dissuading her would be beyond the confines of good taste.”


The Imperial City – The Guild of Mages announces that the Books of Grief for the Emperor and the Imperial Family will be opened tomorrow morning in the Guildhalls all across the Empire for all citizens and nobility, at a symbolic fee. The messages left in the Books of Grief will be inscribed by the way of subtonic chanting into the pillars of the colonnade in the Green Emperor’s Way as it has been done since the times of Emperor Reman. The Books of Grief will be closed in the evening of Hearth Fire 1st, after the funeral.

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