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Part 6 of Mass Effect: Introduction

Canon stuff:

  • Mass Effect Wiki is great for looking up anything about characters, places and events from the games. But their book and comic summaries are questionable, and the science often inaccurate.
  • The most reliable source of information is the Codex, which consists of ingame encyclopedic entries.
  • The official ME site is good for pictures, news, and ads.
  • Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 as movies. It’s a male Shepard with a different background from what I play and write and possibly very different choices during important missions, but it’s more than illustrative. Probably the best way to learn about ME short of playing the games themselves.
  • An enlightening interview with the voice actors (especially part 2 and what Fred Tatasciore – who played Saren – has to say about the character).

Fanfiction stuff:

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