Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Revisited

Alt Account

Like many devoted players have done before me, I recently bought a new copy of the game on a sale and started developing a new, alternative (thus the name) Multiplayer account. It is done for reasons of nostalgia, testing one’s skills with low level characters and beginner gear, or in some cases (not me, though!) out of boredom. There’s also a certain charm in playing ‘incognito’ and meeting, by chance, other players you recognize from, for example, BSN, or even people from your friends list, and leave them none the wiser.

Playing with said low-level characters and beginner’s gear can indeed get rather challenging, especially if you strive to play on higher difficulties despite those shortcomings. And of course, there’s the tentative pleasure of maxing out the manifest again and doing all the challenges from scratch – but this time, with a clever strategy to make things as efficient as possible!

Not everyone’s cup of tea, for sure; developing an Alt is a sport for the most deeply addicted devoted. And even though I consider myself quite a good example of such, I only decided to embark on this project when a dear friend suggested we do it as a team: as a form of our own, self-imposed challenge. Which finally brings me to the last and most significant ingredient of my unrelenting interest in this game: the Duo Themed Challenges and Solo Themed Challenges.

Earth DLC Wallpaper
Earth DLC Wallpaper


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