Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Revisited

It’s been more than two years since I wrote about ME3 MP for the first time. And I played it¬†almost every day¬†since, for an astonishing total of over¬†2000 hours and over 7000 games. One might reasonably assume that there cannot possibly be anything left to keep me interested and challenged. Not so!

While in the past I obsessed, in order of appearance, with: getting the Best of the Best banner (done almost 2 years ago), maxing my manifest¬† (done¬†roughly a year ago), leveling up my characters over and over for N7 points (which I quit when I reached¬†the¬†coveted “nice” number of exactly 15000), and of course, climbing the national¬†Leaderboards (all the way to the top!)¬†—¬†nowadays I keep myself¬†entertained with¬†farming Challenge Points, playing¬†on an¬†“Alt” account,¬†and, most importantly: completing¬†solo and duo themed challenges.

N7s in the Mist by lonefirewarrior
N7s in the Mist by lonefirewarrior

And now I’m going to¬†write¬†about each of these items in¬†all the glorious detail deserving of¬†the N7 Day. It’ll be a three-part series, with posts on Themed Duo Challenges and Themed Solo Challenges¬†following soon after this one, so stay tuned!

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