NaNo 2017

This time around, the decision to do NaNoWriMo again came out of the blue. Other than a rather vague idea for a story and the nagging feeling that I should get back to writing, I had nothing in the last week of October, when I remembered that November was a Novel Writing Month. It took me all of that week to come up with a slim outline which doesn’t cover even a half of the plot (read: I’ve no clue how the story will progress beyond that point) and imagery for a couple important scenes. You’re thinking that doesn’t bode well? So did I! But lo, 10 days and 15,000 words into it, I’m making steady progress, I’ve no trouble allocating the time or meeting the daily goals, and my writing, although very rusty indeed, isn’t half as crappy as I expected it to be after five years of break.

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Final Update: Last Days of the Third Era

I decided to post the remaining articles on Last Days of the Third Era in a single, probably final update. It’s no coincidence that I stopped writing these at the point in the chronology where the Daedric invasion finally comes to focus; this is where the vague political background was meant to meet my heretical retelling of the Oblivion storyline. Perhaps only another day or two would be enough to make this piece stand alone, but it’s been such a long time since it was written. On the plus side, it’s always been an exercise in departure from my voice and style and into the supposedly impersonal newspaper reporting. I won’t make any promises, neither to myself nor to the hordes of eager readers (yeah, that was sarcasm). Some hope remains, though, and a painful WIP tag to remind me of the times when I was consistently unable to bring things to an end.

A New Mass Effect Fic: Sound of Silence

Sound of Silence┬áis another Saren/Nihlus story from the time just before The Candidate. It tells about Saren’s days of loneliness aboard the Virial after driving Nihlus away in an outburst of anger.

I wrote this a long time ago, but the feeling that it’s unfinished kept plaguing me, making me go back and question each scene, each word, a thousand times. I wanted it to be perfect, to speak perfectly in Saren’s voice, the voice I hear so clearly in your writing, dear MA, but know I can never reproduce. This one is entirely for you: both inspired by and dedicated to.

Image: Anjian @ DeviantArt