A New Elder Scrolls Fic: Last Days of the Third Era

Last Days of the Third Era is a collection of articles from the Black Horse Courier, following the events and reactions after the assassination of Emperor Uriel Septim VII. I started this in 2009, and like so many TES projects, I never finished it. The material I have covers the first two weeks after the assassination, and stops more or less just before the attack on Kvatch. I’d like nothing more than to promise I’ll finish it, but I likely won’t – unless the act of posting it here somehow magically transfers me to the state of mind I’d been in while writing it. Here’s to hoping!

A New Mass Effect Fic: Id

Id is a Saren/Nihlus romance set after Color & Scars and dealing with dreams, revelations and regrets; inspired by a particularly significant piece of fanart and dedicated to a dear, dear friend.  This story is different from the others. Too personal to post elsewhere. It is, also, the kind of story I promised myself not to write again after the regrets I had over posting Signal to Noise. Obviously a promise I couldn’t keep, but this time I will be smarter, and hide Id here.

Image: ANTIFAN-REAL @ deviantArt

Third Round of Fics

Which I believe will be the last to show off old Elder Scrolls stories. Oh, I have more – but nothing that I’d feel comfortable posting without major revisions. I’m still far from catching up with everything I have written for Mass Effect, though, so there may be a few more of these ads in the weeks to come. But don’t worry: I’ll run out, eventually.

This week I present:

Can’t Stop Laughing – which is, strangely enough, one of the first Saren/Nihlus stories I’ve written. Also, one of the least popular, if the reviews on FFN are an indication. It’s supposed to be funny, and I had fun writing it, but let’s face it: humor was never my strong suit.

Unnerved and Unnerving –  this is a short prequel to The Candidate, and, while being equally unpopular as the previous one, it happens to be one of my favorites. Saren and Nihlus, last days aboard the Virial, and a nasty clash of natures.

The Ephemeral Bride – an Elder Scrolls ficlet describing Breton myths on the origin of celestial bodies in the light of the worship of Mnemoli (god, I love that word so much).

The Bjoulsae River – a correspondent of the Imperial Geographical Society writes about the lands and peoples around the Bjoulsae River in High Rock.

That’s that.

A New Mass Effect Fic: Forgiven

My first commission. Well, not the paid kind, but close enough. An artist and a good friend asked me to write a scene to serve as the narrative foundation for a painting. The topic was: Garrus and his thoughts just after sparing Sidonis’ life.

The story is titled Forgiven.

Image: infiltrator-N7 @ deviantArt