Final Update: Last Days of the Third Era

I decided to post the remaining articles on Last Days of the Third Era in a single, probably final update. It’s no coincidence that I stopped writing these at the point in the chronology where the Daedric invasion finally comes to focus; this is where the vague political background was meant to meet my heretical retelling of the Oblivion storyline. Perhaps only another day or two would be enough to make this piece stand alone, but it’s been such a long time since it was written. On the plus side, it’s always been an exercise in departure from my voice and style and into the supposedly impersonal newspaper reporting. I won’t make any promises, neither to myself nor to the hordes of eager readers (yeah, that was sarcasm). Some hope remains, though, and a painful WIP tag to remind me of the times when I was consistently unable to bring things to an end.

Hearth Fire 9, 3E 433

Part 12 of Last Days of the Third Era


The Imperial City – The High Chancellor of the Elder Council, His Highness Ocato of Firsthold, announced that nobody is likely to be crowned Emperor of Tamriel in the near future. The announcement came after His Royal Majesty, King Gothryd of Daggerfall, demonstratively left the Council Chambers with a large number of supporters, interrupting the morning session. This incident was preceded by a heated debate between the supporters of the official candidate of the Elder Council, King Eldred of Solitude and supporters of King Gothryd, who presented an official complaint against the Order of Succession that was adopted on Morndas, claiming that the Elder Council overstepped its authority by ignoring the Succession Proclamation of 309 and requesting that the Order of Succession be withdrawn. Although the High Chancellor denied the request, he refused to continue the session with barely a half of the usual quorum and ended the session stating that the top priority of the Elder Council is to keep the peace in the Empire at any cost – even at the cost of running it without an Emperor. Supporters of King Gothryd, while mainly from the royal ranks of High Rock, also include a number of wealthy Colovian estates, and were joined this morning by the councilors from Hammerfell and the Elven provinces. High Chancellor said that both sides will have to make concessions if a civil war is to be averted.

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Hearth Fire 8, 3E 433

Part 11 of Last Days of the Third Era


Bruma, Cyrodiil – Our correspondent from Bruma informs us that the status of the Imperial Guard’s training grounds in the Cloud Ruler Temple is regular. There is nothing unusual going on, and the camp seems to be operating normally, given the current circumstances. The last week has passed without any strange events or occurrences – in the city as well as in the Temple proper. Our correspondent writes that the local authorities of Bruma had no problems with the Guard for six years, and that the people barely remember the incidents of 427.

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Hearth Fire 7, 3E 433

Part 10 of Last Days of the Third Era


Shornhelm, High Rock – The officials of the Court of Shornhelm reject the accusations that the Court was among the political inspirers of the assassinations of the late Emperor and the Imperial Family. In the lengthy public letter, special emphasis is placed on the notion that a provocation of such malice and magnitude hasn’t been thrown on the Court since the days of King Andorak. The Court officially requests that the Elder Council take decisive action against Councilor Jarth and threatens cessation of diplomatic communication with the Imperial City if their request isn’t promptly fulfilled.

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Hearth Fire 6, 3E 433

Part 9 of Last Days of the Third Era


Kvatch, Cyrodiil – Members of the Imperial Guard apprehended His Highness, Ubben Goldwine, the eldest son and heir of Count Goldwine of Kvatch on Loredas, because of his alleged connection to Tharnatos. The Guard issued an official announcement stating that the search of Ubben’s estate and offices is being conducted and that the public will be notified in due time about the degree of the Prince’s involvement and other details pertaining to the tragic demise of the Imperial Family.

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