Darksiders Timeline

The only date firmly set in the canon is the one for Death’s Door. Everything else is from my own research and assumptions. In particular, the dating of The Abomination Vault is informed only by the period of 500 years of Death’s absence mentioned in the book, so it could take place much further (but not earlier) in the timeline. Likewise, the dating of the Apocalypse is arbitrary.

Canon entries are shown with bold typeface.

The source of my “biblical” dates is the internet (rounding mine).

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Stitching the Wound

“You’re wounded,” War says, startling me. We’ve both been quiet for so long, I’ve forgotten I’m not alone. I’ve forgotten where we are, and why, and when. Deep enough inside my head to drown.

I pull hard on the reins and May stops short, giving me a jolt. “Huh?”

War catches up, glances at me, then juts his chin at May’s rear, pointing behind me.

It takes me a moment to figure out that the bloody trail on the ground is somehow related to what he said. I look down. My saddle is slick with blood.

“Huh,” I repeat. Must be mine. I examine my chest and abdomen and — “Yeah, ok,” I say, wincing. Something there, just under the ribcage. “Damn. Didn’t feel a thing.”

War dismounts. “Let us rest and see to it. We cannot be sure what lies ahead.”

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A pencil drawing of Death 💙

While not quite the illustration for, this was definitely inspired by a scene from Fury’s Embrace, the story I’m currently working on.  It’ll be the second of a series, following Death’s Blessing.

But then he found this cemetery and cleared every piece of angel, demon and undead filth in a one-mile radius around it, to be at peace while his creepy-ass ghouls dug a hole in the ground. Like for a coffin. He sat at the edge of that hole, staring in it, for a day and a night, as still as the headstones around him. I swear, if I didn’t interrupt him, he’d still be sitting there. Perhaps he’d eventually turn to stone.