Wildlife Rescue

An extract from Gone Fishing, a Darksiders story

On Earth, a couple decades after the forging of the Seals

The three eyes above Strife’s brow light up and for an agonizing instant I fear he will reveal that his magics allow him to read minds as well as the future. But the sudden tension in his stance is a warning. Something is amiss.

A roaring whoosh, as of a great wave pulling in the sands, silences my question before I can voice it. Strife dashes back. I leap up and dig in my feet, bracing for impact. But nothing happens. No towering wave crashes down upon us, though the water is disturbed. Flat waves coming from the open seas mingle with curved waves coming from the south.

“What in the Nine Hells…?” Strife mutters, pulling out his pistols. Although I cannot see or sense any threat yet, I draw Chaoseater too before I turn in the direction of his focused stare.

On the beach, a hundred paces away, half in the sand and half in the water, lies a behemoth easily as long as the walls of Bastion are tall, its smooth hide glistening in the moonlight and a single beady eye watching us from its side. Its head is round and blunt, with no nose or mouth I can see; its body is that of a giant fish. When it flaps its two-pronged tail, the waters under it burst up to twice my height, sending choppy waves through the shallows.

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Musical Motifs from Darksiders 1 and 3 in Genesis Main Theme

I think everyone who has played Darksiders: Genesis will agree that the soundtrack, composed by the marvelous Gareth Coker, and especially the main theme, is a masterpiece. But I wonder how many have noticed the appearance of musical themes from the soundtracks for Darksiders 1 and 3 (both composed by the awesome Chris Velasco) in it! I was delighted to discover these, and I’m thrilled to finally share the discovery.

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Death’s Blessing

Chapter 5

It is almost dark when I return. Ruin has wandered away after Mayhem, but I see that Strife had taken the lizard skin and leftover meat off his back and laid them on the stack of wood at the north side of the yurt. The flap is open, the faint glow of fire spilling out, a thin column of smoke rising from the top of the dome. Inside, it smells like home. Smoke and incense, leather, freshly brewed coffee. A small loaf rests on top of one of the flat stones encircling the firepit. I lift my eyes to find Strife pouring out a bucketful of water into the large barrel we use for bathing. The herbal aroma must be from his soap. I smile.

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Death’s Blessing

Chapter 4

The sunset paints the steppe with fire. We watch the wind-blown waves in the sea of grass for a long time before either of us moves or speaks.

“I should have told you,” I utter at last. “I dreaded your reaction. A part of me knew you would not approve. But I did not think you would be… shocked. Is it so hard to believe?”

Death’s jaw moves, like he’s opening his mouth and closing it again, unsure if he should reply. I wish he would take his mask off for me once more… but I know he may never do it again.

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