Darksiders Timeline

The only date firmly set in the canon is the one for Death’s Door. Everything else is from my own research and assumptions. In particular, the dating of The Abomination Vault is informed only by the period of 500 years of Death’s absence mentioned in the book, so it could take place much further (but not earlier) in the timeline. Likewise, the dating of the Apocalypse is arbitrary.

Canon entries are shown with bold typeface.

The source of my “biblical” dates is the internet (rounding mine).

YearEvent or Story
ca. 5000 BC
(1000 years before DSG)
Story: Shalome (WIP)
ca. 4100 BC
(100 years before DSG)
War, Strife, Fury and Death denounce the nephilim and pledge loyalty to the Council
ca. 4050 BC
(50 years before DSG)
Story: War’s Glory (WIP)
ca. 4045 BC
(45 years before DSG)
Parts of Darksiders Comic
(Fury, Death and Strife confront War, who has gone rogue, and he loses his left hand in the conflict)
ca. 4005 BC
(5 years before DSG)
Biblical: Creation
ca. 4000 BC – ca. 3095 BCNephilim invasion of Eden
Story: Stitching the Wound
Story: Not Alone
Darksiders: Genesis
The forging of the Seven Seals
ca. 3085 BC
(15 years after DSG)
Story: Gone Fishing
ca. 3800 BC
(200 years after DSG)
Biblical: Cain kills Abel
ca. 3400 BC
(600 years after DSG)
The Abomination Vault
Story: Death’s Blessing
ca. 2500 BC
(1500 years after DSG)
Biblical: The Flood
ca. 2000 BC
(2000 years after DSG)
Biblical: Sodom and Gomorrah
ca. 1500 BC
(2500 years after DSG)
Biblical: The Exodus
(4000 years after DSG)
Biblical: Jesus
(ca. 5700 years after DSG)
Death’s Door
ca. 2000
(6000 years after DSG)
The Apocalypse
The beginning of Darksiders 1
Parts of Darksiders Comic
ca. 2010
(10 years after the Apocalypse)
Darksiders 3
Story: Fury’s Embrace
ca. 2020
(20 years after the Apocalypse)
Darksiders 2
ca. 2100
(100 years after the Apocalypse)
The end of Darksiders 1
Story: Strife’s Offering (WIP)