A Valentine’s Day fic for Baldur’s Gate 3: Spicy Food

The fic is spicy too! It belongs to the same verse as A Godsdamn Kraken, set after the tiefling party in late Act 1.

“Surely you don’t expect me to apologize,” Astarion goes on after a minute. “It was only a joke, but even if it wasn’t. Having a few romps—as pleasurable as they were—hardly makes you entitled. And jealousy is such an unattractive trait.” He huffs through his nose. “I regret I asked. Nothing good ever comes from trying to be nice.”

“Nice?” Tav laughs despite the lump in his throat. “You just called me stupid and unattractive.”

“Don’t twist my words, darling. You’re not very good at it.”

Or, Tav gets insecure and Astarion reassures him the only way he knows. Act 1, post tiefling party.

Read the story here, or on AO3.

Happy Valentine’s! 💞

My First Fic for Baldur’s Gate 3: A Godsdamn Kraken

I finally polished and posted one of my many handwritten ficlets for BG3, and it turned into quite the story!

It’s a prequel to the game, where Astarion and Tav meet in the city and have a wild adventure together. Of course, they end up kissing. 💞

Read it here, or on AO3!

I already created a series for it on AO3, titled Danse Macabre, where I hope to post more works in this verse in not too distant a future. Please comment, like and subscribe!

Status Update

A tough ask. I’m only checking in because I feel bad for leaving this site neglected for two months. This has been a strange period. Although I’m constantly doing stuff — writing and drawing — I feel like I’m getting nowhere, and I’ve nothing to show for all the hours sank into my hobbies.

I would love to blame this on Real Life Shit, but I can’t. Real Life has been equally slow and unremarkable.

The true culprit is Baldur’s Gate 3, which I still play daily, and which still occupies my mind pretty much 24/7. Unlike my other fandom experiences (I’m looking at you, dear Darksiders), BG3 seems to be… well… not so good for me?

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