Today I found something strange and disturbing scribbled in the back of a notebook. Strictly speaking, it’s TES fanfiction, but writing TES fanfiction was the last thing on my mind when I penned it down, and it’s not how I see it now. I see it as a tribute. Unworthy of the deceased as it may be, it was wrought from sorrow and regret, and the ink on the pages was smeared with tears. The least I can do now, is read it aloud so that those who care, may hear.

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Milk and Blood

Warnings: bodily fluids, body horror, main character death.

Actors: myself, Friend, [Friend’s] Mother, Old Man.

Image: CuriousCanvas @ deviantArt

I’m at Friend’s. She and Mother are getting ready to go to the inauguration of our new President. They are dressing up like barbies. Mother has a diadem and looks like Queen Elisabeth. Friend looks amazing in the first dress she picks: a long white gown with many thin layers that makes her look like a fairy.

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