Devoured by Baldur’s Gate 3

What it says on the label, darlings. I picked up BG3 in the first week of September and haven’t been able to drop it for more than a couple hours at a time since. It so happened that I was kind of bed-ridden in this period due to trivial but annoying illness, allowing me unprecedented levels of unchecked obsessing. And here I am, at last, to tell you all about it. (The obsession, not the actual game. Shocking, I know.)

Predictably, I got a massive crush on Astarion. Much more surprisingly, I also got a crush on my own player character. I started the game with zero thought put into his background or personality, but I have progressed from that stage to having a few actual ideas which I plan to develop in art and fic.

I have in fact written a lot of fic already, but nothing I’ll be comfortable posting in the near future. It’s the most indulgent, smuttiest and self-inserty stuff I’ve ever allowed myself to pen down (disclaimer: what I self-insert in my Golden Boy is mostly just my own pathology); and while I don’t really mind putting such stuff out there, it’s all in a handwritten-shitty-first-draft state, and will take some time and crafting to get good enough for public exposure.

Meanwhile, I’ve also been drawing! Here’s the Golden Boy:

And here’s his love (and mine), Astarion:

And here they are sharing a private moment:

Yeah. I’m in deep.

I think I’ll hold off on writing about the actual game until I have actually finished it. In short, it’s fucking awesome, with indisputably the best writing and character performance I’ve ever seen in a game. The Witcher 3 held this position in my esteem so far, but where TW3 failed to create any compelling characters, BG3 created the single most compelling one the game industry has produced to date.

So, yeah. If you haven’t played this yet, go purchase it right now. It’s worth every penny, and more importantly, every minute you’ll spend with it.

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