It’s a funny thing, a law.

A law is made to keep you in line. A law is made to be bent. A law is made to be broken. A law can keep the peace. A law can spur a war. Law-abiding citizens are good people. Law-abiding citizens surf the extranet in the comfort of their own studies and read up on how to build an explosive to destroy the hopes and dreams of those alien neighbours. Law-breaking citizens are bad people. Law-breaking citizens are Spectres.

It’s a nice sound, when a law shatters. Like glass, first cracking along the stress lines, then suddenly bursting into ten million pieces and releasing it all, all the pressure inside, all the ruby-red and diamond-clear. He knows. He’s taken hammers to them. Stones. The butt of a rifle. Charged when ordered to hold ground, and, yes, run when told to stay where he was and understand the blow that would land on his temple. Hated the ones who raised him. Hated the ones who trained him. Hated the one who scooped him from the fray (almost literally, the ship had been backlit by the twin glaring suns and he hadn’t known enough to not take it, to not take the way out, the end of a rope dangling not three centimetres from his nose).

Then loved him so deeply that he was sure he’d gone crazy, so deeply that he didn’t care if he was crazy or not because, see, there was no law for that. Something had, for once, completely blindsided him and refused to let him hobble back to the gravel road, had pushed him off the edge, off the bridge, off the metre-wide window ledge. And in spite of all laws (not made by anyone living, but by the accumulated memory in his bones, the marrow that screamed Saren will hurt you, Nihlus, and he won’t even know), stayed in love. Stayed loyal. Stayed alive.

“Plotting trajectory,” the cool green voice told him (it had a sound and the sound was green, for reasons he couldn’t describe). “Entry pending in thirty. Point. Zero. Three. Seconds.”

He was entirely certain that this would break the laws of physics. But, as he put his hands to the guide pad, he was also entirely certain that those laws could be broken, as well.

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