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Saren has signed in.

Smiley: Finally! I’ve been here for ages!

Saren: How is it?

Smiley: Needs some editing.

Saren: Go on.

Smiley: Well, how pissed do you want to appear?

Saren: Reasonably so.

Smiley: Then leave out a honorific or two. This ain’t for some bigwig or anything, right?

Saren: Noted.

Smiley: Then you need to know their lingo. There are a couple words those guys wouldn’t even be able to read, let alone write.

Saren: That’s why I asked you.

Smiley: I’ll try not to be offended.

<5 minutes>

Smiley: There, I’ve fixed most of it. Is the second paragraph supposed to be a threat?

Smiley: ‘Cause that’s pretty poor.

Saren: “Or archaeologists shall be investigating your radiation-eaten corpse on Maji”?

Smiley: Yeah. Too long.

Saren: It is threatening.

Smiley: Most krogan have the attention spans of ten-year-olds. And it sounds like your “Garvax” isn’t exactly the fastest ship in the dock. Doubt he knows where Maji is.

Saren: Fair enough.

Smiley: In fact, this whole thing is too long. 195 characters for a note? That’s like a novel. I say you only need a quarter of that.

<5 minutes>

Smiley: Bet you 50 credits you can’t do it.

<5 minutes>

Saren: “Port Hanshan on the 15th. Bring the mods. Otherwise, I feed your entrails to wild varren.”

Smiley: Haha, perfect.

Smiley: What about feeding to your pet thresher maw?

<15 minutes>

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