“What do you mean,” Saren said, spitting out the syllables, “‘you can’t read it’?”

“I’ve never seen this radical before.” And Nihlus pointed to a symbol that resembled a backwards ‘orn’ with two extra strokes thrown in. “Does that say ‘lorn’?”

Evidently, it did not. Saren’s mandibles actually went slack for a second. Maybe in shock. But the subsequent tucking was fury. Definitely fury.

“You’re illiterate.”

“I think I handled that last report just fine, thank –“

“You can’t read the preface of Service without a translator?”

“I never had to read the preface of Service without a translator,” he hissed back.

Saren shook his head. “Fine. We’ll start with a translator.”

“Sorry, I didn’t load ‘ye olde bird-tongue’ on mine.”

Saren looked like he was about to pick up the substantial tome and break his spine with it.

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