Hearth Fire 3, 3E 433

Part 6 of Last Days of the Third Era


The Imperial City – An anonymous source from the Imperial Palace confirmed today that at least one member of the Order of the Blades had been involved with the murder of His Imperial Majesty, late Emperor Uriel Septim VII on 27th of Last Seed. “The rumors that the whole Order is somehow behind the crimes against the Imperial Family are of course nonsense,” our source says. “However, there has been a breach of internal security in the Palace on the night of the killings, there’s no doubt of that. The Emperor was assassinated because of treason in the ranks of the Imperial Guard, and this can no longer remain a secret.”

Collector’s note: I was able to save this copy of the Currier by pure chance. Only a handful of issues had been sold before the Guard confiscated the whole batch. The Currier was forced to reprint the issue without this particular article, and a raspberry pie recipe was published in its place.


Cheydinhal – The City Guard of Cheydinhal used the outstanding mandate provided by Martial Law to eradicate the Cyrodiil branch of the daedric sect known as “The End of Times”. The activity of this secretive cult was first noted in Mournhold during the crisis of 427, and prohibited in whole of Morrowind by a decree of the Tribunal Temple; however, the cult was legalized three years later through the efforts of Sirran Angada, a Magister of House Indoril, who later popularized it in the east of Skyrim and Cyrodiil.

The evidence linking The End of Times to daedra worship is circumstantial, but His Highness, Andel Indarys, the Count of Cheydinhal, has heeded the recommendations of the Guild of Mages and ordered all the members of the Cult in the County to be brought in for questioning. Although dozens of men and women, mostly Dunmer, were arrested, a number of cultists managed to kill themselves before they could be stopped. Most of the suicides happened inside the city proper of Cheydinhal.

The leader of the Cyrodiil branch, Indoril Sirran Angada, has disappeared.

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