Hearth Fire 5, 3E 433

Part 8 of Last Days of the Third Era


The Imperial City – The Elder Council announced the new Order of Succession with His Royal Majesty, Eldred, the King of Solitude, on its top. Eight-and-thirty Councilors voted yay, two-and-thirty nay and ten abstained.

After the session of the Council, King Eldred stated that his priorities as the Emperor will be directed towards finding the murderers of the late Emperor Uriel VII and battling against organized criminal throughout the Empire. “All other priorities remain the same as before the tragic events of Last Seed took place,” King Eldred said. “We shall continue the efforts of our divine predecessor to strengthen the Empire from within and bring the provinces closer together. Black Marsh and Elsweir are perpetual objects of Imperial attention; our job is far from finished there, and we wouldn’t want to stay behind the expectations of our people. Further integration is what everybody wishes,” said King Eldred.

King Eldred stressed that the assassinations of the late Emperor and the Imperial Family cannot possibly be the acts of a single individual or some local social formation. “To murder an Emperor always means to destabilize the Empire. Therefore, the murder has a political background. When the perpetrators of this unspeakable act are unmasked beyond doubt, no matter what group or organization it is, we shall deal with it without mercy.”

The discussion that took place prior to voting was heated and a number of Councilors who oppose the legitimacy of the new Order of Succession requested that a transitional government be formed instead, with the Elder Council as Regent. His Royal Majesty, Gothryd, the King of Daggerfall, emerged as the leader of the opposition with a firm warning that the “way of the pretender from Solitude is not the way the Empire should go. Crowning of an arbitrary noble is entirely inadequate given the present state of the Empire and it will have disastrous consequences. We fear that the proclaimed intention of King Eldred to purge the Empire of all criminal will serve as an excuse for him to practice on the whole Empire the same irrational repression he enforces over the poor people of Solitude to keep them from rising in just rebellion. It must not be allowed and I intend to do everything in my power to stop it.”


The Imperial City – The dean of the Imperial Battlemage College, His Eminence Ianus Droserius made a statement for the Black Horse Currier concerning yesterday’s announcement of the new Order of Succession. “King Gothryd’s idea about forming a coalition government is infeasible. It should be upon an Emperor to rule the Empire and stir the government in whatever direction he sees fit,” Droserious says. “Our duty is to preserve the stability of the Empire; the new Emperor should be given some time to define goals and take steps, and we should only judge them according to their effects.”


The Imperial City – His Eminence, Waughin Jarth, a member of the Elder Council and a renowned author, stated that the search for the political inspirers of the tragic assassinations should start at the courts of High Rock. “In this context I must point out the vocal complaints and what, under the current circumstances, we can be at liberty of calling threats – that flowed in a steady stream this spring from Shornhelm and neighboring counties – particularly the estate of Lord Manning – that often went as far as to announce a ‘bloody autumn’. I’m not accusing anyone; they have indicated themselves in their letters and public statements,” said Jarth during the session break.

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