The Ephemeral Bride

In secret, Mnemoli whispered the blue words of promise and the red words of love for the time-god but his eyes were turned always to Nirn and he would have no other bride. The words went afloat on the breeze of possibility and a stray thought – to make Nirn even more beautiful, so that time-god’s eyes would ever be filled with joy –  distilled the promise of love and froze it into the heavens. And that is the origin of the great nebula, the Veil of Nirn.

But the light of Magnus knows no secrets. He saw into Mnemoli’s heart and became angry at the wasteful ignorance of Time. Being long bored with the labor of creation, he decided to leave the lesser gods behind and marry; and his children would rule a universe of light! Mnemoli had not the power to repel his lust; but seeing how their offspring would scorch the frail life out of Nirn, so dear to her loved one, she seduced Magnus to chase after her far into the void. For long, she kept one step ahead of his fiery breath, but finally she let him overtake her, only to escape again. Each time this happened, they left their progeny behind. And that is the origin of the distant stars, the Children of Sun.

Now Mnemoli can only be seen through the mists of her own mysteries as the Blue Spark, the harbinger of Untime; for not even the mighty Magnus dares approach the time-god during his madness. It is only then that Mnemoli may rest and lament over the torment of her lost love. And that is the origin of the raining stars, the Tears of Mnemoli.


Submitted to Temple Zero.

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