Thinker Traitor Soldier Spectre

The tale of how Saren and Nihlus first met and became friends.

Table of Contents:
  1. Adrift
  2. Quagmire
  3. Landing
  4. Old Friends
  5. The Barefaced
  6. The Boy
  7. Crash Site
  8. Unwelcome Guest
  9. Respite
  10. Conspiracy Theories
  11. They Wouldn’t Dare
  12. Not This Squad
  13. Orderly Retreat
  14. Fever
  15. Betrayal
  16. Gravity
  17. House in an Invictus Jungle
  18. Leave-Taking
  19. Confession
  20. Recapitulation
  21. Confrontation
  22. Revelation
  23. Honey Moon
  24. Sanctuary
  25. Anchored
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I am endlessly thankful to Yawning Dragon, Gladius, Kadenex, Misfire Anon and ex-Clusum for reading the manuscript at various stages of completion and providing me with invaluable feedback and insights. Also to Heavenly Eros for taking my crude cover design and making it look gorgeous. To all the devotees of Mass Effect who keep the fandom alive with wonderful art and writing. And finally, to the authors of the series, for creating an amazing world and allowing us to extend it.

The cover is based on Presence by Jesus-Tks.

  • On June 7, 2020 I renamed the original asari character Olte to Elethea. She is only mentioned by name in chapter 21, Confrontation. The online versions of the story, here, on FFN and on AO3, I will edit at once to reflect the change. The offline versions—the pdf, epub and mobi files—will be edited for this, and other minor changes, at a later time.

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