Heavenly Art from Heavenly Eros

Stepping back into the shrunken Mass Effect fandom, in which the Saren/Nihlus ship has always been a niche that is now kept afloat by literally a handful of unrelenting enthusiasts, I did not expect to find a new friend and creative ally (Sixtus), let alone two!

HeavenlyEros descended among us just as I came back from the summer hiatus and stirred the sleepy turian community into a state of cheerful excitement by showering us with art of unearthly beauty.

Below is a dream of mine, made real by HeavenlyEros‘s unique magic: starstruck lovers, immortalized in the stars.

… and one day like 100 years later when people explored far away galaxies they named a constellation after these two turians as well as after Shepard and their crew. 

And since human and turians can live up to 150 years some reaaaly old Saren might be there with Nihlus by his side, looking at these stars together in his last days and falling asleep happily.


But so far the most moving piece of HeavenlyEros‘s art has been this breathtaking illustration for one of my oldest, edgiest and most obscure stories, Color:

Nihlus sat back, turned Saren’s head this way and that, observing his handiwork. “It’s perfect,” he said. It really was a piece of art. And not just for its technical precision; it was a thing of beauty. The kind that can only come from the heart. Nihlus suddenly realized this was probably the work of his life. Not that he doubted his ability to improve; but he sincerely doubted he’d ever again be so invested, so deeply rooted, so personally involved with any creation. A creation that would decorate Saren Arterius, his mentor, his hero, his lover, to the end of his days. If only he could communicate how honored he was by this… this gift, this… this crazy act of trust. Of belonging. Of love.

From Color

If only I could communicate how honored and humbled I am by this gift. This amazing act of creation. Of beauty. Of love.

Thank you, friends, for coming out of the shadows to share your art, and your heart, relieve loneliness, and enrich existence. You bring so much joy and inspiration to me and countless others. I will strive to give back and do my very best for you.

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