The Sun and the Moon

The Sun and the Moon, by Anjian

Look at this. Just sit a while and look at it. It’s so good, it’s hypnotic! I cannot give it enough praise. Look at that phenomenal shade of blue on Strife, and the details on War’s decorations, his magnificent fur cloak and Strife’s smooth, gunslinger’s outfit. Look at how big and fuzzy and warm War is, and how sharp, detailed and cool Strife is. I love War’s fingerless glove and his sturdy hand with well-shaped nails. I love it that Strife has a third eye, a trait of his Riot form. Note the Horsemen symbol on War’s medallion and Strife’s belt, the frickin’ runes on the barrels of Strife’s pistols, and the sting-shaped ends of his scarf. Take a bit to appreciate how all War’s jewelry is round, and all Strife’s, angular. And the subtle inversion in the golden glow of Strife’s eyes and the chilly blue of War’s.

It’s a masterpiece. A thousand words would not suffice.

The title was inspired by my comment on War’s gold and Strife’s silver armor skins in Genesis. I said they were like the sun and the moon. This was long ago, however, and I’d forgotten it by the time Anjian told me, in private, about working on a painting. I asked what the painting was of, and Anjian said, of the sun and the moon. I hummed and nodded, having taken it 100% literally. I pictured some abstracted piece with actual sun and moon and no relation to Darksiders. Imagine my surprise when I saw this!

Thank you, dear friend, for joining me in this obscure pocket of the Void. I’m happy that I’m not alone.

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