[50] Family

It was over. The assassins were dead beyond a shadow of doubt. The Dalatrass was alive, just unconscious. Devlon Industries’ involvement remained a secret. And yet, Astau was growing tenser by the second, his fingers flying faster and faster over the keys.

Saren checked the Dalatrass’ bandage once more, then joined him at the door. “Everything okay, sir?”

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[47] Starshine

“My mama walks the streets so it’s fine
I won’t be forever young but I’ll be forever kind
Tender eyes oh tender lips
Let’s run away to where stars shine…”

The streets are heavy with fumes. Sweat. Excrement. The unmistakable stink of rotten dextro food is making him queasy.  The air hums — the life support on this station is old, and prone to giving out once in a while. Whole sectors vented. That’s why he’s never out of his mag boots, why he always has a mask tucked away somewhere. Half of those “incidents” are planned, after all.

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[46] Sandstorm

They huddled in the semi-darkness. The sandstorm was still howling outside. The thick mud walls of their temporary shelter shook every once in a while, accompanied by heavy thuds.

Saren flipped the unconscious woman onto her side with his foot.

“What do we do with that lot?” Galea asked.

He knelt to examine the children. Nihlus shuffled nervously on the spot. The sore topic has finally been broached.

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