Hearth Fire 8, 3E 433

Part 11 of Last Days of the Third Era


Bruma, Cyrodiil – Our correspondent from Bruma informs us that the status of the Imperial Guard’s training grounds in the Cloud Ruler Temple is regular. There is nothing unusual going on, and the camp seems to be operating normally, given the current circumstances. The last week has passed without any strange events or occurrences – in the city as well as in the Temple proper. Our correspondent writes that the local authorities of Bruma had no problems with the Guard for six years, and that the people barely remember the incidents of 427.

We remind that the most recent incident involving the Guard resulted in setting the estate of Baron Edwin Loredale on fire after his public statement that he had evidence to support the rumors accusing the three Imperial Princes of being simulacra planted by Jagar Tharn. This event had been preceded by several confrontations between citizens of Bruma and members of the Guard in public areas. After the fire in Baron Loredale’s estate, the officials of the Guard announced that the individual members of the Guard responsible for the incidents would be sanctioned, and that the overall discipline in the Cloud Ruler Temple would be considerably tightened.

Our correspondent managed to ascertain that the current situation in the Temple is entirely regular and that there is nothing at all to indicate any form of extraordinary circumstances. He got firm assurances from both the officials at the Temple and the local authorities that the citizens of Bruma are completely safe.


The Imperial City – The Imperial Government will form a commission with the mandate to examine all the circumstances related to the assassination of the late Emperor and the Imperial Family, announced an official from the Imperial Palace after the closed meeting the representatives of the Elder Council had with Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Consort Caula Voria, this morning. The commission will be formed after the ongoing investigation of the murders is complete, and it will consider in detail both the eventual breaches of security and the eventual personal responsibility of persons who were supposed to guarantee the safety of the Emperor and the Imperial Family.


Anticlere, High Rock – A heap of stones mysteriously appeared on a farm in Anticlare. The residents found the stones on Tirdas morning in the middle of a pasture. There were no tracks in the grass to indicate where the stones had been brought from. The ground in the immediate vicinity of the heap had been scorched as if by fire. Although the damage to the pasture is considerable, no animals or persons were injured. Nobody witnessed the event, and the members of the Guild of Mages who have examined the area stated that the stones must have fallen down from the sky during the night.

Our sources report that the stones at the site are of various shapes and sizes and of most unusual appearance. The weight and color don’t resemble any sort of rock that can be found in the region. Samples were immediately sent to Gwylym for further study. Some of the largest stones at the site have been found to bear markings in the likeness of a scripture of some unrecognizable language. Although the representatives of the Guild of Mages did not divulge any speculations they might have about the origin of the stones or the meaning of the symbols carved on them, they confirmed that the stones are definitely magical and therefore dangerous.

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