Hearth Fire 9, 3E 433

Part 12 of Last Days of the Third Era


The Imperial City – The High Chancellor of the Elder Council, His Highness Ocato of Firsthold, announced that nobody is likely to be crowned Emperor of Tamriel in the near future. The announcement came after His Royal Majesty, King Gothryd of Daggerfall, demonstratively left the Council Chambers with a large number of supporters, interrupting the morning session. This incident was preceded by a heated debate between the supporters of the official candidate of the Elder Council, King Eldred of Solitude and supporters of King Gothryd, who presented an official complaint against the Order of Succession that was adopted on Morndas, claiming that the Elder Council overstepped its authority by ignoring the Succession Proclamation of 309 and requesting that the Order of Succession be withdrawn. Although the High Chancellor denied the request, he refused to continue the session with barely a half of the usual quorum and ended the session stating that the top priority of the Elder Council is to keep the peace in the Empire at any cost – even at the cost of running it without an Emperor. Supporters of King Gothryd, while mainly from the royal ranks of High Rock, also include a number of wealthy Colovian estates, and were joined this morning by the councilors from Hammerfell and the Elven provinces. High Chancellor said that both sides will have to make concessions if a civil war is to be averted.


The Imperial City – The Grandmaster of the Imperial Guard and a councilor of the Elder Council, His Highness, Lord Manning, said that the army is doing its job according to the Imperial laws, and is not hiding anyone. “It’s necessary to dismiss these doubts and speculations that there are structures within the army that would be doing anything of the kind,” Manning said. When asked about the possibility of surrendering members of the Imperial Guard, if implicated by the special investigative Commission the High Chancellor plans to form, Lord Manning expressed his expectation that every citizen of the Empire will be ready to help. “The Guard has fought and bled for the interests of the people for centuries; they will take a stand in front of the Commission and prove they haven’t committed any crimes if that is what the people require now.”

“It is wrong to accuse the whole Order [of the Blades] because one member has been made a suspect; it would also be wrong to punish it in the whole for the crimes of an individual,” said Manning in conclusion. “Everyone must know the consequences of their own actions and inaction.”


Cropsford, Cyrodiil – Last night, the town of Cropsford, on the east coast of Niben and south of the Imperial City, has been attacked by a pack of daedra. The monsters entered the pastures from the woods and caused considerable damage to fields, buildings and livestock before they were stopped and slaughtered by a Red Ring Road patrol. An eyewitness stated that the pack consisted of scamps and clanfears and that they were not very large, but made much noise and appeared to be many in number. The Legion investigators from Fort Cedrian report finding a total of six bodies.

No villagers were injured during the attack, but one soldier suffered a serious bite wound.

“The Legion is already in a heightened state of readiness due to the martial law,” said Captain Titus of Fort Cedrian, “but we will be sending more patrols along the road to counter the increase in daedric activity.”

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