Hearth Fire 4, 3E 433

Part 7 of Last Days of the Third Era


The Imperial City – The Vice Chancellor of the Elder Council, His Eminence Cyricus Maurus, said he expects that the Council will finalize and announce the Order of Succession during the Council session on Morndas, Hearth Fire 5. “The agendum of the Morndas session includes voting on the temporary financing of the Imperial Government, but the final discussion and endorsement of the Order of Succession are the main items,” Maurus said. “The public is aware that the recent tragic events have affected the established Order of Succession in a serious and disruptive manner, and we expect that all the political entities represented in the Council will display proper patience and understanding due to the general situation. It is in the best interest of the Empire that the succession is effected as quickly as possible.”

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Hearth Fire 3, 3E 433

Part 6 of Last Days of the Third Era


The Imperial City – An anonymous source from the Imperial Palace confirmed today that at least one member of the Order of the Blades had been involved with the murder of His Imperial Majesty, late Emperor Uriel Septim VII on 27th of Last Seed. “The rumors that the whole Order is somehow behind the crimes against the Imperial Family are of course nonsense,” our source says. “However, there has been a breach of internal security in the Palace on the night of the killings, there’s no doubt of that. The Emperor was assassinated because of treason in the ranks of the Imperial Guard, and this can no longer remain a secret.”

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Hearth Fire 2, 3E 433

Part 5 of Last Days of the Third Era


The Imperial City – Lady Allena Benoch, the former head of the Emperor’s personal Guard, was thwarted in her wish to attend the funeral of Emperor Uriel Septim VII and the Imperial Family that took place yesterday in the Imperial City. “Of course I wanted to attend the funeral,” said Lady Benoch in an exclusive interview for the Black Horse Currier. “What in the world could be more natural than that? And to your question, if there was a pressure against my attendance, I can answer in the affirmative. First I was told that I would be better off in her mountain sanctuary by Narina Carvain, the Countess of Bruma, and soon after, this was confirmed from the Imperial City. It doesn’t matter. I have every right to be here and I will visit the graves of the Emperor and his family on my own, as soon as I recover from the journey.”

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Hearth Fire 1, 3E 433

Part 4 of Last Days of the Third Era


The Imperial City – His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Uriel Septim VII and all the members of the Imperial Family, who perished tragically to the hands of assassins unknown on the eve of Harvest’s End, were buried today during the early afternoon hours in the Sovereign’s Spire of the Green Emperor Way with highest Imperial honors. Besides the friends and relatives of the Family, members of the Elder Council, and the highest representatives of the Imperial institutions, more than seventy diplomatic delegations from all parts of the Empire observed the funeral. The final homage to the late Emperor was also given by the representatives of various guilds, religious communities, and independent organizations as well as by numerous individuals of the public and cultural scene of the Imperial City. Thousands of citizens accompanied the last direct descendants of the Septim bloodline, hallowed by divine Talos himself, in a vast procession the likes of which hadd never been seen in the history of the Empire. The gathered people covered every step of the way the procession was to take with flowers and tears.

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